Solar-powered camera for all-round view of outdoor conditions

Solar powered security cameras or solar panel security cameras are powered by solar panels and do not require power or cables. By utilizing solar energy, you can take full advantage of natural resources to charge and operate a solar security camera system. There is no doubt that the efficiency of PTZ security camera outdoor decreases on rainy or cloudy days, so maximum direct sunlight is beneficial for camaras de seguridad to perform at their best. The solar panel needs to be mounted at a 45° angle diagonally upward in a sunny location, not under the eaves.

This solar security camera can also be charged using usb, making it suitable for indoor use! Since outdoor solar security cameras are designed to be weatherproof, you don't need to worry about them on rainy days.

Indeed, the occasional rain can be a good thing - clean your solar panels for free to install security cameras! The solar camera security outdoor can be quickly installed anywhere you want because you don't need to run any messy cables or drill roles, making this an extremely cost-effective security option.

Better yet, you can easily move the solar camera security outdoor as your project moves forward or is completed, and the installation steps are simple.

Step 1- Connect the camera to the CloudEdge APP.

Step 2 - Mount the wireless camera where you want it, no additional tools required.

Step 3 - Install the solar panel in a sunny location.

Step 4 - Connect the solar panel to the camera to activate the security protection.

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