Nov 21,2023

Revolutionise Your Security: The Ultimate Guide to Our Cutting-Edge Wireless 2K QHD Camera

Security technology has taken the world by storm. As wireless outdoor cameras have become increasingly popular, our cutting-edge 2K QHD Camera peaks its nose through the competition and emerges as a beacon of reliability and creation. Focused entirely on your home’s safety, let’s explore our wireless camera’s three pillars towards a successful home.

Unmatched Imaging Precision

Our 2K QHD wireless camera boosts your security experience by setting new standards in imaging precision and accuracy. With 1.5x more detail than traditional 1080p cameras, the 3MP image quality allows for a crisper viewing experience and more accuracy. Whether day, night or need a wide angle, our camera has all the features, from a 130-degree wide-angle lens with comprehensive coverage to a 33-ft colour night vision range.

Leave no details behind: the key to security and safety. And we promise expertly crafted products so you can remain safe in your home.

Oh, and you don’t need to worry about the environment affecting the quality of your security. Our camera is IP65 waterproof, with an upgraded rubber ring that enhances airtightness and increases waterproof capabilities by 50%. 

Intelligent Detection and Response

Bog-standard security systems are a thing of the past. With AI technology and PIR motion detection, the 2K camera has lightning-fast response systems that can identify individuals whilst triggering the alarms within 3 seconds.

Recording a remarkable 99% accuracy rate, the adjustable sensitivity levels from 1 to 10 ensure the camera focuses on what you need rather than giving a general overview like most traditional security cameras on the market.

 When the alarm is triggered, or if you just fancied checking in, you can connect effortlessly as our camera supports unlimited users watching live videos. Keep your family in the loop and ensure everyone benefits from the best security technology.

Proactive Security Features

While reacting to potential threats is great and could help safeguard your home, real protection comes with proactivity - ensuring nothing can ever happen in the first instance. When our system detects motion, the camera flicks on and delivers immediate alarm notifications whilst recording video with audio - it feels like you’re a fly on the wall able to deal with things in real time.

But you don’t need to worry about pets, flies, or parts of your house that you could expect alarms to trigger constantly. The customisation options, including adjustable detection zones and easy installation, provide a quick but thorough set-up experience. With four preset positions, you can protect areas that matter most, reducing false alarms and maintaining privacy - what’s more - you don’t need to be a tech genius to figure it all out.

We incorporated a 100% wireless design supported by a professional rechargeable battery for the most convenient security options. You could be at work, on holiday or just away from the house and don’t need to stress about the camera failing you.